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Swimming For Success

We provide swimming instructions to infants, toddlers, children as well as adults, with an emphasis on safety in and around water. Our classes are designed to remove the fear of water and build enough confidence so that any child can become a great swimmer.

Our Vision

In South Florida swim teams are everywhere, but what sets apart the kids who make it from the kids who don’t?  At Swimming for Success, we have the answer:  Preparation and Technique

The vision of Swimming for Success is to make children of all ages swim team ready!  Our program is tailored with specific drills that focus on building proper technique for each of the four Olympic strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle).

But don’t worry–you’re never too young to get started and our Water Babies classes are the way to do it!  We want to help parents feel secure with a young child in and around the water.

About Us
About Us

Why Choose Us?

At Swimming for Success, we pride ourselves on individualized attention and we deliver results. Our instructors cater to each child’s individual learning styles, because we know your baby is unique.

Unlike many other swim companies, we begin teaching classes at six months old. Typically by the age of two, with our help, a child can save themselves if they fall into the water.

The sooner you start the program, the easier it is to keep your child to be water safe. Fear of the water can be dangerous because it is an easy way to panic. We provide an energetic fun atmosphere right in your backyard!

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